We run initial red flagging of cloud or SaaS vendors for you.
CISO's trust us for onboarding, regular audits and security checks for cloud or SaaS vendors.

Our team runs an enterprise SaaS called Tallyfy, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

As cloud usage explodes - our experts do the admin and flag issues that could be missed.

Your security team can feel empowered to do what matters, leaving admin to us.
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We empower your security and vendor management teams to do more, by taking on the initial work of data collection and red-flagging of SaaS vendors. You make all the decisions, with better information. As your business users demand more and more cloud or mobile apps, you will need to onboard and periodically audit more and more SaaS vendors against your security guidelines. Is your team ready? 

Amit Kothari and the Suitcase team. We're SaaS experts - based in St. Louis, MO.
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